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Paperless E-Organizer


Please fill out the contact information below to initiate the process. Once your contact information has been submitted you will receive an email within one to three business days. Further information about our E-Organizer can be found below.

Taxpayer Name

Email Address

Telephone Number

Some basic information

Your use of the E-Organizer allows us to better use our time in preparing your return. We welcome your feedback. If you have problems either call Lauren at 818.348.0603 or email her:

Opening the Organizer

This email contains a link that will allow you to download your eOrganizer from a remote site. You should be able to simply click on the link, however if you get an error message you will need to cut and paste this link into your browser. Do this by (1) highlighting the link (2) "copy" by using Ctrl-C and (3) "paste" by moving to the address line of your browser and using Ctrl-V.

The password to open the organizer is your zip code plus the last 4 numbers of the first social security number on last year's return.

Entering information in the E-Organizer

You'll find that information from your prior year return has already been transferred to your organizer. We suggest that you first sort all your W2's and 1099's into the same order that they appear on the organizer. You click on the item in the left hand section and that screen opens to allow you to enter the current year information.

The organizer may offer to import information about W2s, 1099s or 1098s. This requires that you have set up internet access to the data. We think this is more trouble than it is worth and suggest you click the "Do not ask again" box the first time this dialog pops up. Just click no and this dialog will go away.

You should enter:

  • Any changes in your address or contact information on taxpayer information screen
  • Any changes in dependents. You may need to click the "Add New" link.
  • The amount and date of all your estimated tax payments. There is no place to enter the information about the prior year refunds or payments.
  • All of your W2s.
  • All of your interest and dividend items. These can be tricky particularly in the case of brokerage account 1099's. If you are unsure, make a note to us using the "Questions for Preparer" screen. We want you to provide us with the paper documents even if you have entered the information on this organizer.
  • Other income information including social security benefits by spouse. You enter the total amount before the deduction for Medicare. The Medicare premiums are entered in the next field.
  • Information about stocks, bonds or other assets sold. This will likely require you to first click the "Add a New Form" button on the lower left of your screen and select "Sale of Investments/Home". Then "Add New" for each sale you made in 2012 and provide the information about the sale.
  • Business, farm and rental income and expenses. You should also enter any new items that should be depreciated.
  • Any IRA, SEP or SIMPLE contributions that you have made or intend to make. If you want us to compute the maximum allowable deduction, enter a "1" in the appropriate field.
  • All of your itemized deductions.
  • You cannot make any entries for K-1s. We will enter all of this data.

You can save the organizer at any time. It is saved on your desktop. This allows you to work on your organizer, save and exit and come back at a later time or date to resume your work.

Sending the E-Organizer back to us

You'll need to first Save your information. Then simply click the "Return to Preparer" button at the bottom of the screen and an email dialog will popup. You can enter any message you wish and click the "Send" button. We'll receive it shortly and can import this information into our tax software.

Final steps

We want to compare the information you've entered to the information returns you've received. Gather all of your W2s, 1099s, K-1s, 1098s and your notes on other income and deductions. You may scan and email the documents, stick them in an envelope and mail them, or fax them to our office 818-348-1323. As always we would like to meet with you in person to go over the completed return and follow-up on any tax and investment questions you may have for us.